The Poultry Palace is an Exciting, Educational, and Interactive "Eggzibit" that is staffed by knowledgeable persons who are attentive to your patrons' interests.
When your patrons drop by we eagerly open up a cage and let them pet, take pictures, and learn a little about our special birds.
How long does a chicken live? What's the difference between a chicken, a rooster, and hen? Do you need a rooster for the hens to lay eggs? How often does a hen lay an egg?
We answer these questions and many more!
Every hour on the hour* we put on a show with live music and chicken antics. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone that sees it!
We can use our 1000 watt PA system to announce other goings on during your event.
"The Poultry Palace is sponsored by..."
is announced frequently.
October 2008 Big Pig Jig - Vienna, Ga
April 2008 Swampfest - Waycross, GA
After hours of torrential rain we were one of the few who stayed.
April 2009 Spring Fling & Backyard BBQ - Moultrie, Ga
$ Contact us today for pricing! $
A space of at least 10'x20' . The more room the better to allow for crowd gathering and space between our speakers and vendors. The space must be accessible by truck and trailer not adjacent to any food vendors.
Electricity is necessary for day time shows longer than 2 hours and any show after dark. We don't use more than 200 watts and we have 100' of extension cord.
Access to a water supply, to fill and maintain the chicken waterers would be beneficial.
A shaded location for chicken comfort would also be a plus.
Pricing is negotiable!
Abby huddles with Rooster Dooster and Henny Penny as we sit through another rain storm at the 2008 Swampfest in Waycross, GA.
If it rains, we stay. We don't "Chicken Out" :)
All events require a two hour minimum. *Show times and frequency vary
Health Concerns:
Recently an outbreak of E.coli (strain 0157:H7) occurred from a petting zoo in Florida. Chickens DO NOT carry that deadly strain of E.coli. They do however, carry salmonella. The risk of infection is very low, equal to mishandling grocery store chicken in the home kitchen. We provide alcohol gel, and education to keep your patrons safe.
Eight to ten hours of chicken health and comfort can be taxing. Whatever you can do to help (such as close / special parking) is greatly appreciated and rewarded.
Plus we can sell items to reduce your costs.
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