Chicken Eggzibit and Agri-Entertainment
March 20 - Wild Chicken Festival - Fitzgerald, GA
We can't believe how busy we got this year! A special thanks to those who waited in line to get a picture with one of our chickens. Thanks to everyone that stopped by the coop to visit our chickens. Show the Wild Chicken Festival how much you appreciate us being there. If you took a picture with your personal camera...
1. Post in on the Wild Chicken Festival Facebook Page.
2. Send a note to Barry Peavy at
and / or
3. Send it to us.

April 17 - Spring Fling & Backyard BBQ Festival - Moultrie, GA
Sponsored by:
Baell Merchantile & Stones Home Center of Moultrie.
Don't forget to stop by one of these great stores and tell them how much you appreciated the show!
It was a fantastic Spring day to have a fesitval! One of Abby's best shows yet. I always thought her interruptions during the show were unprofessional until I read this review:
It was adorable! With Abby's impromptu interruptions and Joe's humorous dialogue and chicken facts, it was the
best attraction there. It was entertaining and informational. I want a chicken! -C.K. of Worth County, GA

April 24 - Thomasville Rose Show and Festival - Thomasville, GA
Sponsored by Golden Brothers Company. Don't forget to tell them what you thought of the Show.
It drizzled the entire morning while we were setting up. Then it rained a lot after 9AM. It always surprises me on
the number of vendors that leave when the weather gets bad. The sun came out about 1PM. We were at our
busiest from 3PM to 5:30PM, and the festival officially ended at 4PM. Thank you everybody that came by,
especially the 2PM Show audience, I noticed a lot of you singing along with me.

Two Hours Only! 9:30AM to 11:30AM
as part of the week long National Nursing Home Week Celebration.
Seeing as all our previous shows were with a flowing crowd, this event was a test of our comfort zone. We
quickly adapted and the 2 hours were up before everyone was willing to say goodbye. The residents and staff
were sweet and the chickens made some new friends.

June 19 4PM-8PM
F.A.M.I.L.I.E.S. Of The Greater Albany Area
Annual Area-Wide New and Used Book Fair
This quaint event was a fun and educational for everyone. Not only did we show off our beautiful birds; we also
demonstrated how resilient we are in the harsh conditions of June afternoon weather. We started out in 90
degree heat and ended with a brief, yet moderate, thunder storm. The music kept playing and we proved the old
adage "madder than a wet hen" is mythical.
September 11- Lumber City Farm Day Festival - Lumber City, GA
Sponsored by:
Lumber City Supplements (912) 363-4561 <> 1104 Sand Pit Rd, Lumber City, GA 31549
Wow! The festival organizers set up TWO sets of bleachers this year for us. Word must of gotten out that we packed the one last year. Great first Eggzibit of the Fall season. I believe the unusual hot weather (95degrees)
was more challenging to bear than rainy weather. The new cooling fans I installed in the coop were a life saver.
The festival organizers could not have been nicer. We really appreciated the location perks, easy set up, and
the assistance with crowd control while we took our stuff down and out.

October 16 - Ole Time Farm Festival - Uvalda, GA
Sponsored by:
Lumber City Supplements (912) 363-4561 <> 1104 Sand Pit Rd, Lumber City, GA 31549
Be sure and tell them thanks for sponsoring us for TWO events!
Pizza Inn of Vidalia (912) 537-1417 <> 1801 Lyons Hwy, Vidalia, GA 30474
It was obvious that the organizers worked diligently to ignite new passion for their community's festival. The
Mayor of Uvalda, Mr. Paul, took time to visit every vendor there; happily accepting comments and critiques.
Thanks for the gifts from the our "near Neighbor" vendors and Chickenman fans. It is this kind of personal
interaction that makes a festival special. We are looking forward to working with The Ole Time Farm Festival in
Uvalda, GA again next year.

October 23 or 24 - We'll be taking the day off to see Day Out With Thomas on the Sam Shortline in Cordele, GA. This will be our FOURTH year taking Abby.

October 30 - Syrup Sopping Day - Loachapoka, AL (pictures from last year)
Sponsored by:
Dillards Country Store (334) 283-4096 <> 2843 Notasulga Road Tallassee, AL 36078-5854
This year we were prepared for the early crowd. We did our first show at 9AM. It's hard to play guitar when it's
50 degrees outside. Once the sun warmed everything up, the event flowed like fresh cane syrup, smooth and
sweet. All our shows had great crowds even our last show at 4PM. Thanks to Dillards Country Store and the
Syrup Sopping Day Organizers for bringing in "The Chickens."

November 6 - Mule Day - Calvary, GA
Sponsored by:
The Feed Store (850) 539-3337 <> 10206 Fl Ga Hwy Havana, FL 32333
The frost on the straps while we set up that morning was soon melted by the warmth of the morning sun. It was a
perfect Autumn day for a fun filled festival. We debuted two new "Chicken Antics" which caused all the cell
phones to point in our direction. We crowed all day for the Sling Shot Booth and 4H Petting zoo. Don't forget to
buy a raffle ticket at Grady General Hospital and stop by "The Feed Store" of Havana, Fl and tell them The
Poultry Palace sent you!

November 27 - Swine Time Festival - Climax, GA
Sponsored by:
Climax Community Club (229) 246-3300 <> 416 New St Climax, GA 39834
The weather was perfect for a late Autumn day; sunny and cool. The crowd was huge and the audiences
MASSIVE. We hired a professional photographer from Tree Branch Photography take pictures of our shows.
Thank you everybody for a great year! See ya'll in the Spring!

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