April 23 - Thomasville Rose Show and Festival - Thomasville, GA
Sponsored by:
Golden Brothers Company (229)226-9150 <> 1710 Smith Ave <> Thomasville, GA 31792-5746
Bennett's Feed & Seed of Thomasville (229)226-6738 <> 912 W Jackson St <> Thomasville, GA 31792
Bennett's Feed & Seed of Cairo (229)377-0805 <> 3795 US Hwy 84 E <> Cairo, GA 39828
March 19 - Wild Chicken Festival - Fitzgerald, GA
The interview on WALB went well Wednesday the 16th. If you missed it you can see it on our video page.
This was an excellent start of our eighth season. We had the end cap at the North end of South Main Street where we fit perfectly. Our Eggzibit was the ideal size to allow the other vendors to squeeze in and out during set up; yet not let the area look empty or under filled. The festival organizers left us just right amount of space between us and the other vendors so as not to blast them away.
Chester the Jester made a brief reappearance after his year sabbatical. Isaac, our Americana Rooster, and Tom Brown, our brown Turken Rooster, debuted this year.
April 2 - Georgia Folklife Festival - Tifton, GA
at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village (Agrirama)
Sponsors of the Poultry Palace Shows are:
Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College
Tractor Supply Company of Tifton, Ga
This was one of those events that was so pleasant that nothing bothered us.
It sprinkled a little at the beginning, but the sun soon emerged and bathed
everyone with its wonderful Springtime warmth. The Staff was more than helpful and the crowds consisted of some of the friendliest people we ever met. I just wish we weren't working so we could have seen all the wonderful demonstrations performed throughout the day.
Hollywood is the most personable roosters we've ever had. While waiting at the train station he made lots of new friends. Once on the train he relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.
April 9 and 10 - Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival - Moulton, AL
Sponsored by: Bank Independent
Thanks for the great hospitality! Having our lunches delivered to the coop was exceptional. Every time we turned around there was a volunteer eager to help from watering the chickens to entertaining Abby.
Even though we were in the Children's Area, I do believe we had more adults in our audiences than children most of the time. They kept me on my toes with wonderful questions about backyard flock keeping after each show. We didn't get many pictures of ourselves this time, so if you did, and feel like sharing, send them to us or post them on Facebook at Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival or Friends of the Poultry Palace Chickens.
April 16 - Spring Fling & Backyard BBQ Festival - Moultrie, GA
Sponsors of our Poultry Palace Shows are:
Baell Mercantile (229)985-515 <> 550 1st NE, Moultrie, GA 31768
Stones Home Center of Moultrie (229)985-1032 <> 139 US Hwy 319 South, Moultrie, GA 31768
The early morning down pour put everyone a little behind schedule setting up; and the forecast of thunderstorms kept the streets pretty clear for the first two hours. Soon the sky cleared and the crowds came out.
Abby spent a lot of time in the shade of a nearby tree with her buddy Hollywood. Many passersby took photos of them as they relaxed and watched the mechanical bull.
Hey 'SuperCool!" Contact the Chicken Lady for more pix!
May 12 - Thursday - TWO Private events:
.........................Back by popular demand! We are honored!
Early County Elementary - Blakely, GA
.........................Pre K Parent/Student LEAP Meeting Show starts at 5:30PM
May 14 - Echols County Carrot Festival - Statenville, GA
Sponsors of the Poultry Palace Shows are:
Price Right Farm Supply (229)249-9676 <> 835 S Saint Augustine Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601
NAPA Auto Parts (229)333-1900 <> 406 E Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601
The weather was hot, but not intolerable. A lot of people stood in the sun to watch the show. The most common comment was "I've learned more about chickens in the last fifteen minutes than I learned my entire life." And they had fun at the same time!
Special thanks to our sponsors and the generous donation from Tractor Supply Company of Thomasville.
We heard that Marlee of Albany was a really big fan of the our website so she got a surprise visit from a few of the chickens for her birthday! Hollywood, Little Red, Goldylocks, and Greenback Dollar all dropped by for a spell to wish Marlee a wonderful day!
We still aren't sure who enjoyed the visit the most. Marlee, her dad, or Holllywood. (He really liked the dog food!)
These two events show off the versatility of the Poultry Palace, especially since they were both on the same day. Each event was only an hour away from home; but they were in opposite directions. They were both repeat performances; but opposite demographics. We brought smiles across Georgia from age 3 to 93 today; and had a great time doing it!
Mere words cannot describe our experience at this event. We have always bragged on our integrity and kept the show going through all sorts of weather. This time it was a bit too much.
Everything was going fine until shortly after 11:00, then... The Wind and The Rain! Everyone suffered some kind of loss. Two of my speakers fell into a newly developed lake. As soon as everything calmed down I reconfigured my sound system and switched to battery power.
We are making plans to try again next year. Thanks to those who helped us hold down our tent during the storm and for the assistance from the festival organizers who helped us pack up our stuff. Most off all; thanks to all of you vendors who kept up a good spirit and smiled while running away;)
We encouraged everyone to stay and enjoy what was left. Many vendors were picking up the pieces and settling back in when a weather report of 60mph gusts and HAIL were on the way. That concluded the Carrot Festival.
Here is a brief description of our events of 2011 with lots of pictures!
Chicken Eggzibit and Agri-Entertainment
September 17 - Surprise visit to the Sumner Egg Festival - Sumner, GA
I got the day off work so we decided to take Hollywood to a festival where we were patrons only. The Sumner Egg festvial is making great strides to become the best festival in Worth county. The staff is friendly and the entertainment is 100% Family orientated. The Festival starts Friday night with a family friendly street dance. Saturday was packed full of things to see and do. There were lots of great singers, authentic western gun fighters and Chickenman Joe, Abby, and Hollywood even made a brief impromptu appearance on the stage.
Thanks to our Sponsors:
Pizza Inn of Vidalia
1801 E 1st Street, Vidalia, GA
(912) 537-1417
Big Ma's Restaurant
Open 5AM - 9PM * 7 Days a week
4213 Hwy 56W, Uvalda, GA
(912) 594-6253
90 E. Jarman St. Hazlehurst, GA
(912) 375-5546
October 15 - Ole Time Farm Festival - Uvalda, GA
Littlefoot talks 'chicken' with the fans.
After months of practice, Fruitpunch "personed out" when it came time to play; but Orville was willing to try.
Abby loves anything that has to do with playing.
This is her favorite part of Uvalda.
My favorite part of Uvalda is the Time & Temperature.
Everyone knows how long 'till the next show!
Angla loves showing off our birds anywhere.
A extra special THANKS to the Festival Organizers for bringing us back this year.
October 22 - Milan Harvest Festvial - Milan, GA
Thanks MILAN STATE BANK <>1825 W Hwy 280, Milan, GA <> (229) 362-4545
The Milan Harvest Festival is well on its way to becoming a great event to go to as a vendor and a customer. The organizers worked diligently to provide the best experience for everyone. There was an abundant amount of things to see, do, and participate in from 9AM 'till Midnight. We are looking forward to next year! Don't forget to stop by Milan State Bank and tell them you enjoyed the show!
Thanks Milan Volunteer Fire Fighters for letting us stay on your front porch! We also enjoyed the Speed Dress Competition!
Our shows entertained
the old,
the young...
the serious and the silly!
click on the picture for printable size!
October 29 - Sweet Potato Day in Ocilla, GA
The day started out with our first parade! The sky was wintery and the wind was cold; but Tut, Hollywood, and Butterball brought warming excitement to the parade viewers and participants!
It was a good day to be indoors, and a lot of people agreed. They flocked from the festival downtown to Big Andy's Market to enjoy the venders, the carnival, petting zoo, various foods, and of course, take in a Chicken Show!
Abby was thrilled about the abundant number of rides at the carnival!
November 5 - Mule Day - Calvary, GA
Calvary Lions Club <> Calvary, GA
Auto Supply of Havana 8658 Havana Hwy Havana,FL
(850) 539 - 6700
The Feed Store 10206 FL GA Hwy Havana, FL
(850) 539-3337
We had the sun at our back during the morning shows. The crowd was pleasantly surprised when I had them turn around and I finished the shows at the back of the seating area.
The audiences were huge and they eagerly interacted and participated during all our shows! See, they all got their wings out!
We were thrilled to be invited for our third year at the Calvary Mule Day. This was our first time on the West side of the pond and we were surprised at how busy it was! Thanks to all that came by, and to the Lions Club for inviting us back.
November 26 - Swine Time Festival - Climax, GA
The Poultry Palace is brought to you by:
Climax Community Club
Thank you for letting us be a part of your
event again this year!
Our audiences were so large this year, we had no time to take any pictures until the last show at 4:00.
The last show was mostly children, so I kept the facts to a minimum and emphasized friendliness of chickens and close encounters.
December 9th - Echols County Christmas Parade of Lights - Statenville, GA
Thank you Kim Vann an Independent Consultant for Scentsy wickless candles for providing the truck to pull our coop in the parade.
Thank you 'Frog' for the smooth ride.
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