Click for larger picture.
April 14 - Georgia Folklife Festival - Tifton, GA
at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village (Agrirama)
Sponsors of the Poultry Palace at this event are:
Golden Corral of Tifton
Bennetts of Albany and Sylvester (229) 436-2456 & (229) 776-4449
Brooks Auto Parts of Tifton (229) 382-6722
May 12 - Echols County Carrot Festival - Statenville, GA
Sponsors of the Poultry Palace at this event are:
Lakeside Automotive
(912) 559-5127
Chicken Eggzibit and Agri-Entertainment
March 17 - Wild Chicken Festival - Fitzgerald, GA (check out the videos on our video page!)
We were, as Abby would say, "Superdy Duperdy" busy this year with photos and inquisitive people. You can really tell backyard flocks are becoming more popular. Special thanks to Abby's new friends, y'all helped out a great deal.
Thanks Barry and the Fitzgerald Jaycees for inviting us back again!
Thank you to our sponsors. We love working at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. It gives us the opportunity to show off the "Agri" in Agri-entertainment. Notice in the picture Abby is sitting with some children and the benches are full of adults. The benches were a great help and we filled them for every show! We love audience seating as much as the audience does.
Above: Abby and I posing at the coop near the end of the day.
Left: Percheron with me and Hollywood with Abby at the 1:00 show.
Thanks to the fans that followed us to the Golden Corral at 7:00PM.
I learned a lot about sharing and patience at this event. We served as hosts of the stage and I coined the phrase Poultry Palace Entertainment Area because this is where all the entertainment merged. We had two dance groups, one for the young and the other for the young at heart; and a young singer that was fairly new to the stage. I was most impressed with Callihan Junction. They traveled all the way from Powder Springs Georgia and humbly set up behind the stage to allow the preceding performers room to do their show. Their music and their actions showed their dedication to the Lord.
Who is Rod Dinwiddie? That's the really tall guy posing with me and Fruit Punch, the piano playing chicken. I had to stand on the coop to get in the picture. I "Googled" him and only found Rod on the Carrot Festival website. My search results were better when I used "Rob." It's a talent to be ten feet tall and pose with a three foot girl. Hey Rob, email me a link or something.
Last but not least the final performer of the day. We really enjoyed the music of singer / songwriter Kris Pierce. His original songs were inspiring and I was surprised on his voice variations on his cover songs. Little Red liked his music too.
I also learned that carrots really are a refreshing snack. The Festival gave away 1 pound bags of cool cut baby carrots. I munched on them as I watched Abby play in the Hampster Water Balls and ride on the ponies. By the end of the day Abby and I ate the entire bag. All in all the Echols County Carrot Festival was fun and we can see that this young festival has a lot going for it in the future. Thank you for making us a part of this great event.
Here is a brief description of our events of 2012 with lots of pictures!
October 6 - Union Junction Jamboree - Union Point, GA
New territory! This is the furthest North we've been in the state of Georgia thanks to our sponsors:

Left: Abby, Hollywood, and I perform in front of their banner. Thanks guys for getting us to this event.
FARMERS FEED & SEED of Greensboro, GA.
The skies were clear and temperature was nice! It was a beautiful day to be outside learning about chickens; and that's how the people who
came to the Union
Junction Jamboree felt.
Our audiences were charmed by chickens. They spead the word about our Eggzibit and we had great turnouts for every show.
I wanted to post this picture of our set up to show off the triangle banners the Chicken Lady HANDMADE.
October 13
International Kaolin Festival
Thank you Mr. Julian Diaz of
IAR International Appraisal & Research Group
for all the work you put forth to make
the childrens area a great sucsess!
The parade was huge and had all the attention for a while. During that time we had the rare opportunity to tour the festival area. The Chamber of Commerce put forth a lot of effort to make this quaint festival fun and successful for everyone. After the parade, we were overrun with curious patrons. I did two shows back to back! The crowds were inquisitive and polite and we always had people around the coop asking questions and taking pictures. This festival was fun and well worth the 8 hours of driving time.
Thank you Jennifer Farrin, your staff was welcoming and helpful. It is always a pleasure to see the people that
invite us.
Sandersville, GA
Here's Massey possing for a promo pic at the end of the day.
October 20 - Milan Harvest Festvial - Milan, GA
a Division of Wilcox County State Bank
1825 W Hwy 280 <> Milan, GA
(229) 362-4545
Milan provided wonderful bleachers for our spectators...
and we filled them with every show! Quite a few times it was
standing room only! Fruit Punch played the piano well for bread; and then played better, and danced for French Fries.
Below you can see Abby
working the crowd with Little Red our Batam Rooster.
November 3 - Mule Day - Calvary, GA
Fruit Punch enthusiastically played his piano with little encouragement from the Chicken Lady.
Crowds flocked to see the musical duo of man and chicken.
The weather was unseasonably hot for November with a high of 85. That didn't stop the chicken fans from standing in large numbers for every show. Thanks to the Calvary Lions Club for inviting us again this year. We really enjoy being a part of this enormous event.
November 24 - SwineTime Festival - Climax, GA
It was the 2007 Swine Time Festival that we upgraded from small shelf speakers to a large PA system. After 6 years we are still growing and continuously draw large crowds for every show! Thank you Climax Community Club for including us in your entertainment family.
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