Chicken Eggzibit and Agri-Entertainment
March 15 - 14th Annual Wild Chicken Festival
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April 5 - Georgia Folklife Festival - Tifton, GA
at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village (Agrirama)
Fitzgerald, GA
March 8 - Anderson's General Store Chick Days - Statesboro, GA
Our name in lights! This was a first for us! We were so proud Butterball ran out to the street to wave at the cars and encourage them to stop by for a visit! The weather was perfect; and a special blessing considering how cold and rainy it was just the day before. All day long we educated Anderson's patrons about the chicks on sale inside with full size chickens of the same type.
April 12 - Ottawa Farms Strawberry Festival
Bloomingdale, GA
It's hard to believe this is where it all began 12 years ago with a visit to this festival! This is our favorite and busiest event. We have so many fans that make it a point to visit us every year. We are truly grateful for them all. We even got a visit from Facebook fans from out of state as far as Pennsylvania!
Abby has grown to be quite the Chicken Demonstrator.
We had non-stop visitors from 8AM 'til 6PM, and the festival ended at 5PM. We could feel the love.
The crowds started gathering early for each show.
Thanks to our Sponsors:
Golden Corral of Tifton
Bennetts of Albany and Sylvester
The Spearman Agency
Tifton Tourism
As you can see by the attendance of the shows pictured here; we're gonna need more hay bails. It was standing room only for every show!
The children enjoyed coloring their favorite chicken at the coloring table we provided.
We always like to tour the grounds and get a ride on the train. Here's Abby with Hollywood II about to board the train.
This event had so much to see and do,
it was a tight squeeze for us between the Gunslingers and the bounce houses!
Between the pig races the track was used for pedal tractors. It's a good thing this was a free activity, because between chicken shows Abby was riding.
The South Georgia Gunslingers provided a peek into life of the 1890's with gun fight reenactments and an authentic campsite.
The audiences were massive for every show! They were the best ever; they laughed at all my jokes! We were glad we were able to answer so many questions between shows. It seems that a lot of people are considering getting, or already have their own backyard flock.
September 20 - Sumner Egg Festival - Sumner, Georgia
September 27 - Union Junction Jamboree - Union Point, Georgia
October 11 - Country Fair Ag-stravaganza!
at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village
Click here to see the commercial!
November 1 - Mule Day - Calvary, Georgia
November 29 - Swine Time Festival - Climax, Georgia
November 8 - Countryside Festival - Butler, Georgia
The Poultry Palace shows are brought to you by:
Taylor County Farm Bureau (478) 847-4180
Butterball shows off the main stage hosted by the Poultry Palace sound system.
The South Georgia Gunslingers demostrated how to play Egg Roulette. Their realistic gunfights and the Egg Games were a big hit.
It can't get any better than racing chickens and Elvis!
Thanks to our sponsor
Farmers Feed & Seed!
Our third year here, and it just keep getting better!
We had big crowds for every show, and we always had people looking, and asking questions. We had no time to take pictures.
Hollywood always enjoys the attention he gets when he rides the train!
Back by popular demand! We performed at four of their Spring Folklife Festivals and we feel honored to return for the second time this year! Where else can you see a chicken play the piano then learn about keeping them? The Georgia Museum of Agriculture with the Poultry Palace of course!
The sun was directly in the audience's eye for the morning shows, so we "turned them around" by setting up our stage on the other side of the hay bales.
Wow! Chickenlady enjoyed meeting this 18 hand mule "DM!"
We had large crowds for every show and a constant flow of people stopping by even after we shut down. Thank you Calvary Lions Club for making us part of your event for the Sixth year in a row.
Here are some frames from a video a fan shot of one of our Chicken Races!
We had a great time in Butler and hope to come back next year.
Thank you Taylor County Farm Bureau for making the Poultry Palace visit possible.