Chicken Eggzibit and Agri-Entertainment
March 21 - 15th Annual Wild Chicken Festival - Fitzgerald, GA
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The Poultry Palace Shows are brought to you by: The Fitzgerald Jaycees.
March 7 - Anderson's General Store Chick Days - Statesboro, GA
April 11- Georgia Folklife Festival - Tifton, GA
at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village (Agrirama)
Thanks to our Sponsors:
Golden Corral of Tifton
Bennetts of Albany and Sylvester
Tifton-Tift County Tourism Association
This was our second time at this event and I believe our popularity has grown greatly. I noticed a vast difference in the size of our crowds for our shows this year. The chickens had a great time crowing, playing piano, racing, and posing for pictures. We had a wonderful time educating future chicken owners and trading stories of the flocks with current chicken owners. Thank you Anderson's, we are looking forward to next year.
Everytime we perform at The Wild Chicken Festival it's like coming home. We are so honored to have become a venue that is more than welcomed, our arrival is eagerly anticipated. We really enjoy working with the Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Library. Thank you to everybody that stopped by The Coop. Especially those that return every year to get their special family photo with our family. Thank you Fitzgerald Jaycees for having us as part of your event again.
Oct 3 - 40th Annual Odum Homecoming - Odum, GA
Sept 19 - Sumner Egg Festival - Sumner, GA
What a great event to kick off our Fall schedule! The staff worked very hard preparing for this Festival. (Try boiling 288 eggs for the Egg Games and peeling 144 for the Egg Eating contest.) The stage was non-stop entertainment with singers, martial arts demonstrators and piano playing chickens. The action on the stage only paused for the 6 various Egg Games enjoyed by participants of ALL ages.
Our special guests Katie and Jarvis from WFXL FOX 31GOOD DAY did an excellent job hosting the Egg Eating contest. They even placed in the Egg Roll. Thanks for coming by and having fun with us!
Sept 26 - Union Point Jamboree - Union Point, GA
The rainy weather only postponed our shows. Our new racing team enthusiastically raced for every show and then happily wondered off to explore the grounds and meet the patrons and vendors. Abby enjoyed demonstrating all our birds throughout the drizzling rain and while The Chickenlady and I packed up at the end of the day. Thanks to the staff of the Union Junction Jamboree for inviting us again. Thanks to all the people that braved the gloomy skies to come see us. We are looking forward to coming again next year.
Nov 7 - Mule Day - Calvary, GA
The Poultry Palace Chicken Shows were brought to you by:
United Egg Marketing Corp. - Blackshear, GA
The gray sky didn't stop the fun! Here's the 4 o'clock crowd flapping their "wings!"
Left: The crowd waits for our first show of the day.
Right: Abby takes a break on the bungee jump.
Below: Gathering for the 3 o'clock show.
Nothing makes us happier than seeing hundreds of smiling faces at our shows. We were so busy showing birds and talking to inquisitive patrons we hardly time to take pictures. We are grateful that the inflatables and the bungee jump were nearby so Abby had the opportunity to burn off that parade candy she gobbled up. The organizers provided hay bales for audience seating and there was standing room only for all six shows, including our encore show at 5PM! Thank you Odum for making us part of your Homecoming Celebration!
Oct 10 - Annual Kaolin Festival - Sandersville, GA
Oct 24 - Carroll's Sausage & Country Store - Ashburn, GA
2015 Sausage and Music Festival
The early morning thunderstorm didn't dampen anybody's spirit. The sun started breaking through the clouds as the parade started and soon it turned into a beautiful day. We had great crowds for every show! Thanks Sandersville for making us part of this great event.
Here's a panoramic view of our audience as he prepared for a chicken race!
Hugh and The Chickenlady posing with Texas Tailor one our many roosters that came to this wonderful event. We had a great time and we are looking forward to coming again next year.
Nov 28 - SwineTime Festival - Climax, GA
This will be our 7th year here. This event is HUGE! Look for us on one of the stages.