The Chickens of the
Trained Chicken
I thought about writing a little about each chicken; the history of their breed and descriptions of some of their special features Then I thought that if I did that what would I talk about when you saw them? So this is mostly pictures. I'm sorry, these are not thumbnails, you can't click on them to make them bigger. I'm new at this web building thing and I'm working on it. Keep coming back, big pictures will be online eventually.
Our traveling coop only has nine sections, so all of these chickens will not be at every
Skeeter Muffin
LD Rooster
LD Rooster
Buff Couchin Rooster
LD Hen
Mickey & Minnie
Porcelain Mille Fleur
Half Rhode Island Red Rooster
Shogun and Liza
White Japanese Silkie
Rooster Dooster and Henny Penny
Bantam Blue Couchin
Turken Rooster
White Giant Rooster
Major Rock and Pepper
Orville and Bacher
Buff Orpington
Peter and Paula
Light Brahma
Fritz and Fro
Golden Polish Crested
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