Trained Chicken Eggzibit
What we sell at our booth.
Photos! Passersby can pose with their favorite chicken with or without our "farmer" costumes.
These are not just "sit and snap" pictures, these are true keepsake portraits.
Pictures are photo quality 4" x 6" and printed in less than 5 minutes. Each print is $5. Frames are $2 - $3.
Jewelry! Designed and handmade by Tabatha!
Various sizes and types. Made from leather, "Shrinky Dinks", various charms, and real Poultry Palace Chicken feathers. Prices vary $7 to $15
These chicken appliqués are one of a kind fine wire and real glass bead art. No price set yet.
(kinda hard to give them up.)
"Chicken Strips" Pen and Ink Originals by Tabatha. What do chickens think about when they hear some on the things we say?
Some have descriptors some do not.
These are just a few examples.
Prices and
sizes vary.
$7 to $20
Chicken Puppets! Handmade in the mountains just East of Xinzhuang by Chinese monks that believe we will all be reincarnated as chickens. (Not really).

These fun children's toys come in various colors. Roosters (left) and the Hens (right) are only $8 each. Tabatha tried to make her own; but the task was too labor intensive. The prices were way high ($20 - $25), and nobody wanted to pay that kind of money at a festival for a child's toy.
Chicken Crossing sign.
Designed by Tabatha and fabricated locally at
Under The Moon Graphics.
If any of this stuff looks interesting to you and you can't make it to one of our shows, then contact us. We'll work it out.
These signs are 111/2" square and made of thick, durable plastic. The kind used with real outdoor store signs. They are high quality like all our products. Price $25
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prototype drawing.
Actual product