The Poultry Palace is a traveling Trained Chicken
Three knowledgeable persons staff our complete setup, so when your patrons drop by they will be pleased when we eagerly open up a cage and let them pet, take pictures, and learn a little about our special birds.
This is not a static display.
Note that we wear costumes/uniforms with the Poultry Palace Logo and picture ID badge to show our professionalism and dedication to quality service.
Tabatha uses her natural talents as an artist in uncountable ways.
> If it has paint on it, she did it.
> She makes photos fun and unique with her eye for participant character and her catch phrase of "Say Chicken Booty" instead of "Say Cheese."
> She makes, or has a persuasive hand in everything we sell.
> She designs and assembles our award winning set-up.
> And still has time to be a great wife and excellent mommy.

As Audience Interaction Specialist my list of duties is almost as long as Tabatha's.
> I sing and play guitar. Here I am performing at the 2011 Milan Harvest Festival in Milan, Georgia
> At the home base I keep the website up to date and keep the family fed with my "real" job.
> On the road I'm the navigator, electrical technician, and heavy lifter. The traveling coop is all mine; from the cooling fans to the tires. Including, but not limited to, lights, printers, and sound.
> Constant Improvement is my biggest task. I've gotten the take down time from 4 hours to just under 2 and I am now working on Wi-Fi-ing our pictures from our camera to the printers
Abby is becoming quite the demonstrator, instructing other children and nervous adults on how friendly and safe our chickens are.You can't help but smile when she says "Pet him, he's soft." as she shows off each of our roosters. If I can keep her away from the inflatable jumping things we could perceivably make some money at these shows.
This page is about who is the Poultry Palace team.
Owner / Artist
Audience Interaction Specialist
(I'm the owner's husband so I make up my own title)
Chicken Demonstrator
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